EV Charging Solution

EV Charging Solution

Our charging station offers convenient and efficient recharging solutions for your devices

EVSE Accessories

EVSE Accessories

Our EVSE accessories enhance the functionality and performance of your charging station

INTOCHARGE has certificate of Athorization (CofA) from professional Engineers Ontario (PEO)

EVSE Consultation

INTOCHARGE has certificate of Athorization (CofA) from professional Engineers Ontario (PEO)


EVSE Installation

INTOCHARGE has an Electrical contractor license from Electrical Safety Authority (ESA)

Solar system

Solar System

Expert Solar System Design and Precision Installation for Optimal Energy Solutions.

IntoCharge Into 2.2-level 2 charging station

EV Smart Charging Solutions

The Electric Vehicle (EV) industry is booming and our expertise is in complete charging solutions including Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE). With our in-depth knowledge and experience in the EV market, we offer industry standard and sleek design solutions for products. We have set proven testing procedures to ensure material and safety compliance as well as durable and qualified products are paramount, so you can make your purchase confidently!

Some Compatible Vehicle Brands


Developing Ingenious Ideas Into World-class Products

Our individuals, commercial and residential developers/builders, consultants, and construction contractors to design, improve, and customize their electric vehicle charging and solar systems with ease of mind, while considering their development budget and sensitive timelines. No project is too big or small for our team!

We do everything from initial assessment, planning, design, installation, and maintenance that are required to turn a great idea and concept into reality! We can assist you with any pre-defined requirements for your project. We prepare specification and technical documentation to reduce potential risks in the design process. We can save you time and money through our program for EV and solar Design and Consultation services.



LECs are the only professionals legally permitted to undertake electrical projects, ensuring both safety and compliance with legal standards. Our responsibilities include applying for necessary permits and opening job notifications to maintain adherence to regulations. Unlike LECs, both licensed and unlicensed electricians are not authorized to offer electrical services independently. They can only operate under the supervision of an LEC. Hiring an electrician, whether licensed or not, without an LEC’s oversight risks non-compliance with safety codes, potentially leading to significant increases in insurance costs, especially in the event of a fire.

As a certified installer for renowned brands like Home Depot, Google, HomeStar, Qmerit, and others, INTOCHARGE is committed to delivering top-notch, compliant, and safe electrical services.

homedepot authorized installer
homestars certified installer

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