INTOCHARGE, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is a leading force in the sustainable industry, driven by a commitment to fostering environmental stewardship and promoting greener practices. With a foundation rooted in expertise and innovation, INTOCHARGE offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of individuals and businesses alike.
Our journey began with a collective realization of the pressing need for sustainable solutions within the electric vehicle (EV) charging sector and the solar sector. Drawing upon our team’s extensive background in electrical engineering, construction, and engineering consulting, INTOCHARGE emerged as a catalyst for change in the pursuit of a greener future.
Through relentless dedication and unwavering passion, INTOCHARGE has rapidly expanded, delivering end-to-end solutions encompassing design, product development, installation, and ongoing services. Our offerings cater to a diverse clientele, spanning individual consumers seeking sustainable transportation options to large-scale commercial enterprises embracing environmentally conscious practices.
At INTOCHARGE, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond mere products and services. We are dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions that empower individuals and businesses to actively engage in creating a greener world. Leveraging our expertise in engineering and product development, we continuously explore cutting-edge technologies and strategies to drive meaningful change and foster environmental resilience.

Our Vision

A future where clean energy powers every life

Our Mission

Empowering communities with accessible clean energy solutions through innovative technology and sustainable practices

Value Proposition

All-inclusive Hub from Engineering Design to Installation


Specialized in Sustainability (Solar/EV)

Be Part of Our Team

We are seeking highly-motivated, mission-driven, technical, and passionate designers and leaders to help us improve the charging industry.
If you think you would be a good fit in our INTOCHARGE team, please submit your resume to Careers@IntoCharge.com

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