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INTOCHARGE CCS Combo 1 to Tesla Charging Adapter

INTOCHARGE CCS Combo 1to Tesla Charging Adapter is a specialized tool designed to bridge the compatibility gap between Tesla vehicles and CCS Combo 1charging stations. While Tesla has its proprietary charging design, many pu blic and private charging networks use th e CCS (Combined Charging System) Combo 1 standa rd,especially in North America.
This adapter essentially allows Tesla vehicle ownersto ta p into a broader network of CCS Combo 1 EV charging stations.With the plug-and· play nature of the adapter, the user C11n easily connect their Tesla vehicle to a CCS Combo 1charger, expanding the cha rging opportunities especially beneficia l during long trips.

INTOCHARGE SAEJ1772 to Tesla Charging Adaptor

The INTOCHARGE SAEJ1772 to Tesla Charging Adapter is a vital tool forTesla drivers, facilitating charging at non-Tesla stations. Bridging the gap between the common J1772 plug and Tesla’s unique port. th is INTOCHARGE adapter guarantees swift and safe charging.
Constructed for durability, it’s designed for frequent use without compromising efficiency. its plug-and-play design ensures a hassle-free connection: connect the J1772 to th e adapter and then to the Tesla. This expands charging options for Tesla owners, making their journeys more convenient.

INTOCHARG E Tesla Charging Adaptor to SAE J l 772

The INTOCHARGE Tesla to SAEJ1772 Charging Adapter provides a valuable solution for non-Tesla electric vehicle {EV) owners with a J1772 plug.This adapter facilitates the use oflesla’s Level2 charging stations, bridging the gap between Tesla’s proprietary connectors and the universalJ1772 standard.Ideal for those who wish to tap into Tesla’s expansive charging network, this INTOCHARGE adapter ensures seamless and efficient charging or all compatible EVs.

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