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Tesla Charging Plug to SAE J1772 Adapter

We have developed a Tesla charging plug to SAE J1772 adapter using a blend of ABS hard plastic and pure copper, featuring a silver terminal that ensures outstanding electrical conductivity and resistance to moisture.
Our latest design is more compact than the previous one, making it extremely portable and convenient to carry in your pocket, bag, or vehicle. This adapter enables you to charge any EV model with an SAE J1772 inlet using Tesla level 2 home chargers.

CAD $99.99


Providing an extra charging option for electrical vehicle owners to use Tesla level 2 charging stations with TCP plug in the homes throughout North America.

IP 54

Current: Up to 60A

The adapter is designed to be versatile and user-friendly, making it an essential accessory for any EV owner. Whether you have two electric vehicles (Tesla and Non-Tesla) in your household or simply want the freedom to charge your non-Tesla car with Tesla’s destination chargers, this Adapter can provide you with peace of mind and a reliable charging solution.

TCP to J1772 Adapter-Black01

Voltage: 240V AC

Power: Up to 14.4 kW

Our charging adapter is a small-sized and efficient accessory that enhances your EV charging capabilities while on the go. With a maximum charging speed of 14.4kW, it provides a seamless solution for non-Tesla EV owners to charge their vehicles using any Tesla’s portable charger and Level 2 charging station. The adapter features a versatile design that is suitable for use in various environments, whether indoors or outdoors, in any weather condition. Additionally, our adapter is one of the most compact options available on the market, measuring just 12cm in length, 5.7cm in width, and 7.3cm in height.

TCP to J1772 Adapter-compact

It’s simple to just attach and start charging…

Female: J1772 Charging Plug

Tesla Charging Plug-Black-Female

Male: Tesla Charging Plug

TCP to J1772 Adapter-Male

PRODUCT: INTOCHARGE SAE Tesla Charging Plug to J1772 Adapter


POWER: Up to 14.4KW



OPERATING TEMPRATURE: -30 °C to +50 °C (-22 °F to +122 °F)



DIMENSIONS: 120mm(L) x 57mm(W) x 73mm(H)

WEIGHT: 284 Grams / 295 Grams

COLOUR: Balck / Silver

MATERIAL TYPE: ABS Hard Plastic, Silver Terminals

INPUT COMPATIBILITY: Support Tesla high power wall connector, Tesla destination charger, Tesla mobile connector

OUTPUT COMPATIBILITY: Support all Electric Vehicle (EV) models with SAE J1772 inlet

Note: Please note the adapter is not compatible with Tesla Supercharger

Certification: CE approved