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Pre-Configured 128GB USB Drive for Tesla

Archive your Sentry Mode and Dashcam recordings using the 128 GB USB Drive. Shield your car from potential theft, intrusions, and other unforeseen risks even when parked, thanks to a robust 128 GB of video storage space. Simply plug the ready-to-use USB Drive into the USB-A slot located in the central console or the back of the glove compartment, activate Sentry Mode, and equip your vehicle with unparalleled protection that travels with you.

CAD $67.99


Box includes: One Pre-Configured 128GB USB Flash Drive for Tesla

Compatibility: All Tesla Models | Model 3/Y/S/X

High Performance: 10X faster sustained write speed for sentry and dashcam flash drive

Easy to Use: The USB is pre-formatted and pre-configured for Tesla Dashcam, making it a simple “Plug and Record” solution.

Reading Speed: Up to 25 times faster than Tesla’s minimum recommendation

Writing Speed: Up to 10 times faster than Tesla’s minimum recommendation

Product dimension: ‎40mmL x 15mmW x 12mmH

Weight: 19 Grams